Right product information = better maintenance business

 We provide product information solutions  

 for organisations that maintain  

 complex products and facilities 

  Right information

 We help your maintenance organisation gain control of the right product information, describing facilities and products.

  Better decisions

With the right product information your staff make better decisions, resulting in fewer mistakes and a more efficient maintenance operation.

  Better business

Efficient maintenance increases the product performance and facility productivity, resulting in increased revenue and better business.

Connect information producers and consumers
Much product information required for maintenance is produced outside the maintenance organisation. With our background in product development support systems, we know how to communicate with product development, manufacturing and installation, inside or outside your own organisation. We give you the product information you need, through the right channel, and when you need it.


Which of the challenges facing your maintenance organisation are related to product information?


We provide solutions to challenges related to product information in your maintenance organisation.


We build our solutions on services designed to improve your capability to satisfy product information demands.

What is product information?
Product information is any type of information that is related to a product and needed for satisfying an information demand in a business process. It is an important part of an organisation’s nervous system - it is essential for efficiency and productivity. Different types of product information are needed in different phases in the product life cycle. For example, different types of information is needed in product development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.