About us

 We secure product information value  


Background from high tech global industries
Our senior staffs' background is in high-tech global industries and supply chains. Our domain understanding spans the full product life cycle - from planning, development, introduction and manufacturing of products - through operation and maintenance to recycling and reuse of products. By applying this product information experience we have achieved outstanding results in many different industries.

Know how

Connect producers & consumers of information
Much of the product information required for  maintenance is produced in other life cycle processes. We know how to communicate and create solutions for product development, manufacturing and installation - inside or outside the organisation - so the right product information is provided through the right channel when needed.

Wind power

Test Arena for wind power
The Test Arena brings different actors together for finding and testing ideas with potential to reduce cost and improve production for wind power operation and maintenance in cold climate. Visit www.testarena.se  (in Swedish) for more.

Other areas

Toxic free products
We help suppliers publish product information
describing compliance with REACH, RoHS and other regulations.  

General mergers & acquisitions
We create control of product information in M&A processes. This secures intellectual properties, gives clearer image of company value, and cuts deal cost and leadtimes.

General consulting services
Regardless of business domain we also provide general consulting services for Management Consulting, Project Management, System Development, Training Development/ Execution, Quality Assurance and Testing/Test Management.

Business idea

Satisfy product information demand
We improve our customers' capabilities to satisfy product information demand.


Sustainable product decisions
Our vision is a better world - created through organisations and consumers who take decisions that are sustainable - where Coresource is known as the good force making this possible.


More diversity gives more perspectives on problems and challenges. The result is better solutions - and more fun.

Respect is something we give and earn. We don't have to agree on everything, but we respect each others opinions and learn from each other.

Job satisfaction
When the thought about spending another day at work makes you smile, we have succeded together.

Creating a well functioning business is tough and  takes time. But the best view comes after your hardest climb.