Challenges in your maintenance organisation

 Product information is part of the  

 challenge - and part of the solution  

products to maintain

Buy and merger
 Product portfolio and information complexity will grow for each deal made.

Long life span
 Volume of product information for installed base will continue to grow.

Service as business
 New business models increase information volume.

  More product variants to maintain

Custom made
 Tailored customer delivery increases product information complexity.

Global expansion
 Localisation of products result in growing data volume.

More software
Product configurations of mechanics, electronics and software add complexity.

   Higher customer requirements


 Optimal uptime of product or facility requires proactive planning with good data.

To do more with less requires full control over facility product information.

Safety, security and sustainability compliance requires more information.

Tough to introduce new IT-tool

Information source

Product information to be handled by the new IT-tool can be difficult to locate.

Information fit

How can existing product information be transferred and fitted to the new tool?

Risk management
What are the risks in your product information and  new IT-tool quality?