Services & service components

 For building solutions that improve capability

 to satisfy product information demands  

  We improve information quality

Identify and locate
We identify your products, related product information and information sources.

Define ownership
We help you define product ownership and product information accountability.

Complete & correct
We make sure your product information is complete, non-redundant and correct.

  We improve operational capabilities

We change processes that produce, store & consume product information.

 We develop IT-tools that support maintenance processes and information.

We provide training that enables staff to make use of processes and IT-tools.

   We cover the improvement life cycle

Analysis and planning

 We support your analysis  and planning process with methods and experience.

Development and introduction
We help you develop improvement and introduce result into operation.

Usage and further improvement
We support your staff take advantage of and develop improvements.

We assure ROI and quality of improvements

Quality assurance management

We help you avoid quality pitfalls in your improvement work.

Testing and test

We help you manage risks and costs by verifying results early.

Manage "people" side of change

We secure improvement effect by creating staff buy in on change and impact.

  We offer delivery flexibility


 We deliver towards your
targets within time, quality   and cost constraints.


 We provide you with individuals or agreed competence and volume. 

Business functions

 We take care of your business function according to agreed service levels.

   We offer specialized 


Senior project, quality and test managers with product information experience.


IT, training & management consultants with product information background.

Support agents
Maintenence process and IT-tool support agents with the right know-how.

  We provide value adding resources

IT-tool migration

Secure product information integrity & quality, moving data between IT-tools.

ISO 55 000 asset management

Use a structured approach when taking on challenges and improvement areas.

IT-tool test strategy model

Build your own capability to test IT-tools that supports your maintenance business.

IT service management
We help you find the parts of ITIL's best practices that are useful in your business.

Model for supplier development
Develop your suppliers' capabilities to provide product information.

Maintenance framework

 The pieces needed to cut cost and time, developing your maintenance business.